Luxury apartments in Kiev

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Published: 03rd December 2010
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According to experts the real estate market, the term "luxury apartments" should be understood as expensive apartments that match the high demands of customers. The main criteria here are the location, category of buildings, footage and "filling" of housing.

If we talk about the location of the luxury apartments in Kiev, in the ideal is, of course, Kiev center or Podol. However, real estate professionals believe that the era of luxury homes exclusively within the Center is gradually taking place. Interesting projects with excellent specific characteristics appear in a small distance from the center. In addition, there are good deals (on both the primary and secondary market) on Pechersk and Minskaya Riverbank.

The category of the building also impose strict requirements. Luxury apartments in Kiev usually housing at primarily club houses, built during the last ten years in the city center. People intending to settle in a house or rent an apartment in it, will have to pass strict face control, that is, new tenants must be approved by the neighbors.

Obtained a closed system, eliminating unwanted persons. The club house is usually a little flat (about 20), has its own infrastructure, designed for residents (eg, fitness center, beauty salon, cafe), round the clock professional security and underground parking.

Uniquely luxury apartments in Kiev situated in elite and reconstructed old mansions, as well as pre-Revolutionary home with the recreated historic facade. In such buildings after modernization often remains only an outer coating of antiquity - style, architectural features of buildings, stucco work and fireplaces in the apartments. Everything else in the luxury apartments in Kiev is remaking the latest technology: establish a new autonomous heating system, water supply, sewerage, electricity, blaming external engineering networks, increase load-bearing structures, premises trim using natural materials. It must be noted and modern luxury residential complexes constructed in the center and a little further. They, like club houses, have well-developed infrastructure and elegant finish.

Thus, combines luxury buildings kind of exclusivity. Its components - an interesting architectural project (with a twist), the expensive high-quality materials, a serious development company, technical equipment at a high level, a small number of apartments, parking available, security, fenced landscaped area.

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